Health & Harmony with EBR 1 (MP3)

Health & Harmony with EBR 1 (MP3)

Padma McIntyre neemt je mee naar de wereld van harmonie met EBR 1



Health & Harmony with EBR 1 – Padma McIntyre

You are guided by Padma McIntyre, a senior tutor on the International Dru Yoga Teacher Training Course, and co-author of the book Dru Yoga for all Seasons. Drawing on her many years of experience in teaching creative dance and yoga, Padma invites you to share her enthusiasm and passion for movement. She encourages you to make Dru Yoga part of your lifestyle as you explore this home programme at your own pace and discover the richness and depth within each of the practices.


1. Introduction
2. Activations
3. Standing Meditation
4. Energy Block Release One
5. Paschimottanasana (Sitting Forward Bend)
6. Deep Relaxation
7. Lotus Mudra.